Concrete is such malleable paving material as it can be customised to produce endless looks. Rather than laying smooth concrete around your home, you can enhance your yard with textured concrete. This can be done in several ways, as explained below.

Scored Concrete

One way to add lines that mimic the joints between pavers is to score the concrete. Often using a special saw, contractors can score hardened concrete with lines. For example, they can create the look of square pavers by cutting grooves one way and then the other. A popular treatment is to score the paving diagonally to form diamond shapes. While it's easier to create straight lines, contractors can also cut curves and irregular edges to give the look of crazy paving. Scoring is different to the control joints in a concrete slab, which are deeper and have a practical function. Control joints help to minimise random cracking over the surface.

Stencilled Concrete

Another way to add texture to concrete is by using stencils. These are typically made from materials such as waterproof paper or vinyl. The stencils form patterns of faux grout lines, leaving the spaces in between uncovered. So when the contractors lay the stencils over the concrete and apply the colour, it will only fall between the make-believe grout lines. After the stains and colours are spread over the concrete, the stencil is removed to reveal the patterns. Stencils come in various designs, such as running bond, ashlar and flagstone. If you want curves in the design, stencils may be a better choice than scoring.

Stamped Concrete

You could alternatively imbue your concrete with texture by using stamps. These are moulds or texture mats that the contractors place over the concrete, section by section. They walk on the mats or stamp them down using tools to form indents and lines in the concrete. What's critical about this technique is that contractors begin when the concrete is at the right level of plasticity. If it's too unset, the cement won't hold the texture. But if the cement hardens too much, it will be more difficult to create the indents on the surface. The concrete company will apply release agents to the cement and the stamps to prevent them from sticking once they're lifted off.

Like stencils, stamps come in various designs. Some mimic slate paving, while others emulate timber planks. You can have fun looking at all the available designs and envisioning how they'll look on your concrete.

For more information, reach out to a concrete company near you.