Traditional brickwork creates a beautiful facade, and it's something to be treasured. However, over time, brick edges and mortar can crumble away, giving the exterior of a home a decayed look. You might not realise there's a way to rejuvenate the walls and bring them back to life, which you can do with a brick restoration project. Consider the following benefits you'll enjoy as a result.

Fresh Facade

During a brick restoration treatment, contractors will pull out some of the old crumbly mortar between the bricks and replace it with fresh mortar, evenly dispersed around the joins. The walls will look neater and more attractive without sections falling away. You can either undertake repointing or tuckpointing.

Repointing involves the process described above — refreshing the old mortar. Tuckpointing takes a slightly different approach. The replacing mortar is carefully coloured to match the bricks. After pasting that on the wall, contractors apply a thin line of contrasting putty on top — cream or beige if the bricks are red, for example. This technique creates the illusion of ultra-thin and straight join lines, and it disguises any crumbly brick edges.

Sounder Wall Structure

A brick restoration project isn't only aesthetic. It also enhances the integrity and soundness of your walls. Decayed mortar dropping everywhere can weaken and destabilise the brickwork. By refreshing the insecure mortar, the bricks will sit more securely within the structure, and the entire building will be sounder.

Prevent Moisture Damage

Moisture can wreak havoc within a building. Deteriorating mortar can allow rain to seep into the walls, possibly leading to a mould and mildew infestation. Securing the mortar will block rainwater and seal the brickwork from the elements.

Resale Appeal: Improve Curb View

If you're selling your home, the curb view is vital for creating an engaging first impression. By rejuvenating the external walls, you'll enhance the entire facade, which will look fresher and in better condition. Conversely, broken mortar and bricks can give the impression that the wall is on its last legs, which might deter potential buyers and make them worry about your home's soundness.

Thus, a brick restoration project enhances your home aesthetically and structurally. The brickwork will look more regular and neat, and the walls will be more secure. Because the walls are such a  prominent feature of the facade, such a restoration project will positively impact the curb view and your home's appeal to potential buyers.