Commonly known as diamond floor sawing, concrete floor sawing is an efficient and fast method of cutting concrete floors such as slabs, pavements and bridge decks by the use of diamond-tipped blades. Over the years, diamond floor sawing has been gaining popularity due to its safety, cost-effectiveness, practicality and versatility. In addition, these saws come in different sizes, making it possible to cut through different depths, widths and lengths. 

Ranging from diesel-powered to electrical- and petrol-powered machines, you can always select the machine that perfectly suits your preference. Below are four important advantages of diamond floor cutting.

1. High Level of Accuracy. Unlike the traditional circular saws, diamond blades give a straight and fine cut when in action. They don't have the traditional blade guard, reducing the chances of having blade pinching. A diamond concrete floor saw has a specially designed diamond blade capable of making fine and precise cuts. Also, diamond floor saws are equipped with a special strip of rubber on their edges to help you to aim correctly. This makes your track stable and easy to follow, which will save you time when cutting through your floor.

2. Fast and Efficient. Diamond floor sawing is the quickest and most effective means of cutting asphalt and concrete floors. These saws can cut through drainage ducts, driveways and concrete floors efficiently due to the high-powered engines and precise diamond-tipped drills. Also, they can be used for harder floor surfaces that traditional saws can't cut through.

3. Environmentally Friendly. Have you ever noticed the amount of dust produced while cutting through floors with traditional saws? Well, this is not the case with diamond floor sawing. Floor sawing has a special water cutting mechanism that minimizes the amount of dust produced during the cutting process, making it safe for workers and the environment.

4. Versatile. Diamond floor saws come in different sizes and shapes. This enables you to cut through different surfaces easily as you can always replace a diamond-tipped blade with one that is suitable for that surface. In addition, the different sizes allow you to use them for different applications and projects, from large outdoor areas to small indoor spaces. Importantly, it allows deep cuts; all you need to do is set up your saw's settings accordingly.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, diamond floor saws have minimal vibration and enough safety fittings to protect you from any hazards that may come with using these powerful machines. Therefore, contact your preferred specialist and learn how these machines will benefit you.