If the concrete on the pathway leading to your home or business is cracked, you need to take care to prevent injuries from falls. If you want to reduce the chances of anyone getting hurt, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Notify people about the crack.

If only a few people tend to use your concrete path, warn them about the danger. For example, if you are having something shipped to you, include a note with the order to warn the delivery person or let your clients know before they arrive for appointments.

2. Make the crack more noticeable.

Unfortunately, if lots of people come to your home or office, you cannot warn all of them individually about the crack. In this case, you may want to take measures to make the crack more noticeable. To that end, you may want to paint the area around the crack a bright colour like yellow or red.

If the crack is quite large, you may want to place a 3D warning sign next to it. Safety cones work well as do the folding signs often used after someone has mopped a floor.

3. Keep moisture away from the crack.

In some cases, cement cracks may be likely to harbour moisture. This can create an icy patch or a slippery puddle. To avoid that, monitor the crack after rain or snow storms to make sure there is no water in it.

4. Fill the crack.

The most effective way to stop someone from getting hurt by a crack in the sidewalk is to repair it. In many cases, you can repair cracks in the concrete even if you don't have experience with concrete. You just need a container of quick setting concrete or concrete patch repair and some tools to smooth the repair material into the crack.

First, clean the crack. This removes debris and increases the chances of the patch adhering properly. Then, fill the crack with the patch. Deter people from walking on the patch until it has fully set.

5. Hire a professional.

If you don't want to repair the crack yourself, or if you just want to ensure that it's repaired correctly, you may want to contact a concrete repair professional. They can help fix the problem, but they can also help you figure out why the concrete cracked, so you can take steps to avoid that condition in the future.