If you are looking for a lovely finish for different concrete surfaces in your home, exposed aggregate is an excellent option. The panache that exposed aggregate leaves on your concrete surfaces is magnificent. To achieve the look of exposed aggregate, concrete is placed and then its top layer removed to expose different decorative materials that are usually worked into the concrete. However, the decorative element of exposed aggregate is beyond just the removal and exposure of decorative elements. Colour, choice of material, and surface texture of the decorative coarse aggregates are some of the things you will have to consider. Find out below what you need to know about these things.


There is a wide range of colours that you can choose for your exposed aggregate. The colour of the stones used in exposed aggregate will determine the resultant dominant colour of your exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. Some of the colours of coarse aggregates or stone that you may find include green, red gravel, and black quartz among other colours. The versatility in colour means that you won't fail to get something that will complement your landscape. For instance, if you'd like the surfaces to have a lighter tone, try coarse aggregates such as rose quartz. Other options such as black basalt are usually ideal if you are looking for a more earthy tone on your surfaces.


Texture of the surface will depend on the shape and the size of the aggregates used. When choosing a coarse aggregate, it's important to know the exact place that you want to have an exposed aggregate surface. This is because different applications will be better suited by different textures, which means different choices of the shapes and sizes of the coarse aggregates. For instance, in the pool areas where there is high barefoot traffic, consider going for small sized stones to offer a smoother feeling and texture to the feet of the users. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to use smooth stones, such as glassy aggregates on sloping footpaths since such materials have a low skid resistance and may therefore not work best for this application.


Stones are usually the most common materials used in aggregates. Therefore, make sure you choose something that will enhance the elegance of your home. For instance, if you want a more natural look, simply use natural stones, such as quartz and limestone. Coloured glass bits or tiles are also other interesting choices you may like.