You may have experienced some problems with your concrete saw if you are new to using this kind of diamond equipment. If you are baffled by what could be wrong, read on and find out how to troubleshoot the most common diamond sawing problems.

Loss of Blade Tension

A concrete saw needs tension in order to utilise the power in your sawing equipment to cut through the concrete wall or floor. When tension is lost, the saw will function at less than optimal levels. Insufficient cooling of the tool as it works may cause loss of tension. The solution to this problem is to ensure that there is plenty of water to keep the blade cool as you saw.

If the Core Keeps Cracking

Concrete sawing using a diamond blade normally delivers a clean cut. When you see cracks forming on the fringes of the cut site, take that as a sign that something is wrong with your concrete sawing tool, or the way you are using it.

The most common cause of core cracking is the application of excessive pressure on the blade. This pressure can be in the form of twisting or pushing the blade as you cut the concrete. You can quickly solve this problem by reducing the pressure you are exerting on the diamond blade as you saw concrete. Hold the machine steady and avoid twisting it as you saw.

Loss of Blade Segments

Your diamond blade can lose segments (diamond particles bonded onto it) due to a number of factors. One is the use of a wrong blade for that particular task. For instance, the blade may have a harder bond than is suited to the concrete you are cutting. This problem can be overcome by contacting the manufacturer or supplier of the blade in order to confirm that it is the right one for the concrete composition you are faced with.

Change blades as per the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Another cause of segment loss is insufficient cooling of the blade as it cuts through the concrete. Overcome this problem by increasing the water supply to the cutting area. Sudden contact with the concrete when the blade is moving at a high speed can also cause segment loss. Always reduce the speed as you make the initial contact and increase the speed gradually.

As you gain more experience, you will be in a better position to use your concrete sawing tools without compromising their useful life. Use the suggestions above as a way to avoid the most common problems that you may encounter as you saw concrete. For more information on your options, contact companies like Hardcut Concrete Sawing Drilling.