When you start planning a home building project, one of the most important things to consider is the concreting.  This is true whether you are doing an extension or a whole new build.  Procuring high quality concreting services, especially for the all-important foundation slab, is the most vital part of your build.

First, you will need to think about the size of your slab, the depth of it, and just how much concrete you will need to fill it. Of course, these things are dictated by the building code in your particular state, but if you are not sure where to start, you need to get a builder or civil construction engineer on site, and pronto.

Getting experienced professionals in to assess your site, the type of land you have, and what kind of footing your house will require is essential. That way, you will have as many details as necessary and avoid guesswork or shoddy work.

The best concreting services will be able to provide you with three things, each of which is vital to the success of your build:

  1. Site assessment.  A good concreting firm with comprehensive service will normally have someone with the necessary building or civil construction experience, who can assess the type of foundation you require without having to get additional players involved.  
  2. Site preparation.  Quality concrete services companies should be able to do the site preparation for you. Imagine if you had to prepare the site yourself, hire a bobcat (if you know what you are doing) or contract someone to do it for you. This will really add to your costs, since it involves both levelling the site and digging the trenches for the plumbing.
  3. Concrete pouring.  While this seems self-evident, remember that the concrete needs to be high quality, steel-reinforced to ensure the strength and integrity of the slab.  it also needs to be poured fit-for-purpose. You should go over the plans for your house with them, ensuring that any rises or drops in the level of the floor have been accounted for. They will only pour it once.

Finding a company offering these services will ultimately save you time and money, because you won't be waiting around for the bobcat guy, potentially delaying your job and costing you money as your concreter bumps your foundation-laying job down the his list of priorities.

If you can get these things right, there is only one more thing you need to prepare yourself for: buying the concreters beers when the job is done. Contact companies like Liquid Rock Constructions Pty Ltd to learn more about your options.