Working at heights is one of the most risky tasks that any employee has to face. Scaffolds are a way by which height safety can be enhanced if the scaffold is properly set up. This article discusses how you (as an employee) can assess the safety of a scaffolding platform as you work on it. Use this information to identify potentially risky platforms and avoid climbing onto them until the risk factor has been eliminated.

No Clutter

You should observe the scaffold platform to ensure that there are no tools, snow or work materials littered on it. This is because that clutter can cause you to slip or trip and fall, injuring yourself seriously. You should also be careful where you place your tools or materials as you work since they may pose a safety hazard to your colleagues.

It Should Be Fully Decked

The scaffold platform should be fully planked from the guardrails to the uprights in front. There should be no gaps on the platform floor because your foot can be caught in that gap as you walk on the platform. In case there is a noticeable gap on the platform floor, bring it to the attention of your supervisor so that the gap is plugged before you get onto that platform.

Visible Edges

Never climb onto a scaffold platform when its edges are not clearly marked. The edges can be painted with an opaque color or bright color like yellow so that workers can easily see where the platform floor stops as they walk on it. If you are about to get onto a platform and you notice that the edges are not clearly marked, stop and find a way to correct that anomaly. For instance, you can put masking tape on the edges so that they stand out from the rest of the platform.

Adequate Width

Scaffold platforms should be adequately wide in order to allow workers to walk freely on them as they perform their duties. Take a tape measure and check the width of the scaffold in case you suspect that it is less than the recommended width. You can then add an additional plank to increase the width so that it is safe to walk on.

It is your primary responsibility to ensure that a scaffold platform is safe for you to climb onto as you work. Use the information above to help you ensure that your safety is not jeopardized as you work on a scaffold platform. For more information, contact a business such as All Domestic Scaffold & Safety Systems.