If you want to set your home apart when it comes to its appearance or really show off a garden or landscaping feature, concrete kerbing is the right choice. There are many advantages to using concrete for kerbing and for creating this type of separation in various areas of your lawn. Note a few reasons why you might consider concrete kerbing around your home's exterior, no matter its size or style.

1. Concrete is very eco-friendly

To create a border around a garden or landscape feature, you might choose metal wire that is coated with plastic for durability, or you might choose a rubber edging material. These materials are not very eco-friendly, as the plastic and rubber are difficult to recycle if you should ever decide to remove these from your lawn. There is also the manufacturing process to consider, as it often takes a tremendous amount of heat to create and shape plastic and rubber, and this heat means emission and fumes.

Concrete, however, is very friendly to the environment. Old chunks of concrete can typically be simply tossed in with new batches of concrete so that they're easy to recycle. To make concrete, natural materials like pebbles, gravel, and sand are mixed with an adhesive, which involves less heat and therefore fewer emissions and fumes than when other materials are created.

2. Concrete kerbing is easy to fabricate

Another benefit of concrete kerbing around your home is that it's easy to fabricate, even more so than bricks and other such materials. Concrete can be shaped in any direction and kerbing can be set in one long path, so that if you need to create a border around tight turns or small spaces in your yard, you don't need to worry about breaking bricks or showing spaces between them as they curve. This can give your border a seamless look.

You can also slope your concrete kerbing in any way that's needed to help with drainage along your property; this can allow you to retain moisture so as to avoid soil erosion, or can allow for water runoff in a garden or other contained area.

Concrete kerbing can also be painted or stained in virtually any fashion, so that you can have a crisp white border next to your flowers or a dark black border that makes them stand out. Your concrete can also be stained to look like expensive stonework for much less money than actual stone. Learn more by contacting companies like East Coast Kerbing Pty Ltd.